ASUS has multiple mouse pads and mouse mats available to choose from, and today we are taking a look at their ROG Sheath Electro Punk limited Edition, a 900mm-wide and 440mm-deep mouse mat.

The Sheath arrives rolled up in a box, which follows the color scheme and style of the new ASUS mice with a lot of bright pink and black. Once opened, you can access the mouse pad and two small warranty booklets. The pad can be quite smelly at first, but this is normal, and the odor should completely disappear within a few days. The mouse pad of course doesn’t lay out completely flat right out of the box as it needs some time to flatten out completely, but it doesn’t remain wrinkly at all. As a matter of fact, I could use the pad right away without any issues.


  • Dimensions – 900mm x 400mm x 3mm
  • Material – Cloth
  • Optimized For – High-DPI gaming mice




The Sheath Eletro Punk Limited Edition comes from Corsair rolled up in a long rectangular box that features a cut-out, giving potential buyers a look at what is inside. The box itself features the current style of ASUS packaging, with mostly black and pink panels detailing the features found on the product, with pink accents highlighting the box edges.

Textile-weave surface – ASUS claims that the surface of the Sheath Electro mouse mat is designed for pixel-precise accuracy and comfort. we did find the tracking to be spot on when paired up with ASUS own Strix mousepad. And the comfort was definitely on-point.

Stitched edges – Surrounding the entire Sheath is a soft stitched edge that is designed to be fray resistant. No more having to deal with that top layer of a cloth mouse pad rolling back, or a rough plastic-topped mouse pad digging into your wrist.

The Sheath’s surface is extremely smooth and silky, very similar to the Corsair MM350, but this one’s ever so slightly rougher. The Mouse mate surfaces are up to personal taste as some love smooth ones like this, while others prefer slightly rougher materials.

Once unfurled, the Limited Edition of the Sheath is quite large. Keep in mind that this is a mouse “mat”, designed to reside beneath your keyboard and mouse. Placing the mat beneath both peripherals allows for a seamless transition from one to the other, and looks great.

As for the underside, it’s a quite standard rubberized material with the usual diagonal waving pattern. It’s not the best backing I’ve tried, but with this weight and thickness to the mate, it does the job well. I had no issues with slipping whatsoever. In my opinion, without the wavy texturing, it could have better tackiness with the table as this way, there’s less material touching, which reduces the friction between table and mate significantly.

ROG Sheath Eletro Punk











  • Extremely Smooth
  • No tracking issue
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Very Nice Theme Color


  • A bit smelly at first
  • 3mm thickness
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