ASUS ROG EYE Webcam – Review


The ASUS ROG EYE is the first webcam in the webcam arena. Before I delve into the GC21’s performance details, let’s pay homage to its build quality. Yes, it isn’t nimble, yes, it isn’t extravagant, but it is well-made. Protecting the lens is a panel of glass mounted on a durable plastic shell. Its cable can be detachable, is sheathed in a thick coat of rubber.


  • Full HD 1080P @ 60Fps
  • Dual Microphone with Beamforming technology
  • Auto Focus and Auto Tracking Technology

Setting up the GC21 involves plugging it in via USB and launching your video software, I know. Once set up, the GC21 can capture in a variety of resolutions. Most of us will set it to record in 1080p at 60fps. With the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology which captures and maps both backround and foreground elements to eliminate overexposure, even in backlit conditions.

Give it ample lights, and the GC21 puts out strong image performance. Details are crisp, clear, and colors are vibrant. Additionally, its autofocus is speedy and accurate; despite me pacing around in my room, it never failed to properly lock focus no matter where I moved.

The integrated dual microphone and leverages the beamforming technology to filter out ambient noise like fan whir, keyboard clicks, game sound effects and voices other than your own, ensuring you can still be heard clearly in loud environments. It’s above average laptop microphone, in other words, better than laptop. My voice sound clearly and sharp. If audio quality is important then you can adjust the microphone quality to 96Khz/24bits.

Many streamers employ a background replacement software when streaming, so while ASUS doesn’t list the GC21 as an officially supported device, I tested it out with ChromaCam anyway. To my surprise, the GC21 works beautifully.


The back of the camera spot a Micro USB Type- B 2.0

The GC21 uses a plastic clip to grab on to your monitor. The clip doubles as a decent stand when you need to situate it on your desk. At the stand’s underside is a standard tripod mounting hole, convenient for when you need a steadier platform.

However, if your monitor is thick and the camera cannot be mount on top of the monitor, but you need to use the base to mount like this












  • Dual Microphone
  • 1080P @ 60fps
  • Auto focus
  • Design for laptop


  • Cannot Mount on thick monitor
  • Poor Low light

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