A triple threat of power and creativity: Mi 10T Pro, Mi 10T and Mi 10T Lite offer impressive cameras, AdaptiveSync display, powerful processors and long-lasting batteries

Beijing, CHINA, September 30, 2020 – Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced the release of a trio of smartphones that will “Power Your Creativity” like never before. The flagship Mi 10T Pro takes creating and exploring to the next level, with unmatched specs in its class. Mi 10T continues to push boundaries, delivering top-notch experiences for everyone from working professionals, to streaming enthusiasts and mobile gamers. Mi 10T Lite brings 5G to everyone and offers unparalleled user experience.


Continuing Xiaomi’s category-defining ultra-high resolution legacy 

There’s no denying Xiaomi’s pivotal role in defining the 108MP camera segment — from debuting the world’s first 108MP smartphone camera to introducing countless photography software innovations in the past year alone. Mi 10T Pro continues the brand’s ultra-high resolution legacy with OIS and 8K video support. Mi 10T offers an impressive 64MP main camera. But it doesn’t stop there – both Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer a triple camera setup with a 13MP ultra wide-angle camera and 5MP macro camera, equipping it to capture moments that matter. And with a 20MP front camera, anyone can look their best whether taking a selfie or video-calling a loved one.

Building on Xiaomi’s existing technology, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T flaunt new and dynamic photography software features. Six standalone Long exposure modes let anyone capture artsy shots, from Moving crowd – which focuses on an idle subject while blurring dynamic surroundings – to Star trails – which creates a swirling starry sky effect. Photo Clones captures four of you in a single shot. Plus, Timed burst feature offers endless opportunities for fun, allowing users to set up photos with a time gap that can also be converted into video, while three new photo filters – Cyberpunk, Gold vibes and Black ice – help bring the desired mood to life.

Pushing the boundaries even further, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T also offer compelling new video features. Video Clones captures “two selves” in one video, while Dual Video can record from the device’s front and back cameras simultaneously, making it ideal for capturing surprise reactions. Finally, Time-lapse selfie video lets users create a fast-forward effect for more engaging vlogs.

A smooth future with 144Hz AdaptiveSync TrueColor display

Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T feature one of the best flat displays available in any smartphone today, with an industry-leading 144Hz refresh rate to boot. While high refresh rate displays often fall victim to high power consumption and inconsistent frame rates, Xiaomi’s AdaptiveSync display automatically matches the content’s frame rate, from enjoying your favorite movie at 48Hz to watching TV series at 50Hz, from streaming video at 30Hz or 60Hz to scrolling social media feeds or gaming at up to 144Hz – it guarantees a smooth experience and optimum battery usage. And with Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology, the devices insert more frames to make video smoother and better viewing.

With a P3 color gamut and TrueColor, the display offers extremely wide range and accurate colors. Reading mode 3.0 simulates a paper texture to protect your eyes, while Sunlight display 3.0 automatically enhances contrast and adjusts dynamic color saturation outdoors. With a 360° ambient light sensor built in, the screen can intelligently adjust brightness – even in backlit conditions.

Power your creative genius and get your game on with Qualcomm® Snapdragon 865™ 

Anchored by the flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer extreme power efficiency, performance, and 5G connectivity. Xiaomi packed in a wide range of 5G bands, ensuring compatibility with more networks in more locations than before.

Users will also experience desktop level gaming thanks to the Qualcomm® Adreno™ 650 GPU. Together with UFS3.1 and LPDDR5, the devices tout the industry-leading smartphone ROM and RAM available today.

Massive 5,000mAh (typ) battery with added features to keep you powered up all day

Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T boast one of Xiaomi’s biggest flagship series batteries: a massive 5,000mAh (typ). With battery power optimization technology baked in, the smartphones release more power for longer battery life.

When a juice up is needed, no one will miss a beat thanks to MMT (Middle middle tab) technology and an exceptionally fast and uniquely designed 33W wired charging process – made even more convenient by the included 33W charger.

Mi 10T will be available in 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 128GB, starting from EUR499. Mi 10T Pro will be available in 8GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB, starting from EUR599. Sales will start tomorrow via Xiaomi’s official sales channels1.


Step up your photography game with the ultra-clear 64MP quad camera 

Offering one of the most elite camera setups in the segment, Mi 10T Lite’s quad camera sports an ultra-clear 64MP primary camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP depth sensor for a crystal clear image, everytime. New software tools such as six Long exposure modes, Time-lapse selfie, Timed burst and Dual Video offer users the ability to capture more unique and creative images without the need for standalone editing software. Moreover, high-quality selfies are taken by Mi 10T Lite’s 16MP in-display front camera.

Experience the power of smoothness with 120Hz AdaptiveSync display

Featuring an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, Mi 10T Lite automatically adapts to the most suitable refresh rate depending on the type of content being viewed. Whether streaming a movie, watching a favorite TV series, or playing a mobile game, Mi 10T Lite offers an optimal viewing experience that can keep up with different content. For those who enjoy reading on their phone but want to avoid the constant eye strain, Mi 10T Lite has them covered with Reading Mode 3.0 – as seen in Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T.

Experience the power of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 750G and 4,820mAh (typ) battery

Debuting on Mi 10T Lite, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 750G chipset offers unparalleled power efficiency, amazing on-device AI and blazing fast performance. With the brand new 5G processor, Mi 10T Lite offers 5G for everyone. Furthermore, its large 4,820mAh (typ) battery and 33W fast charging capabilities allow the device to keep up all day.

Mi 10T Lite will be available in 6GB + 64GB and 6GB + 128GB, starting from EUR279.  Flash sale for Mi 10T Lite (6GB + 64GB only) will begin October 13th (00:00 WET) at EUR249. General sales for Mi 10T Lite will start on October 14th (00:00 WET) via Xiaomi’s official sales channels1.

Mi 10T Series Quick Specs:

Mi 10T Pro Mi 10T Mi 10T Lite
Display 144Hz 6.67″ TrueColor DotDisplay
20:9 aspect ratio, 2400×1080 FHD+,
AdaptiveSync display: 30Hz/48Hz/50Hz/60Hz/90Hz/120Hz/144Hz
Support MEMC
Support DCI-P3, HDR10
Brightness: 500 nits (typ), 650 nits max brightness (typ)
Color contrast ratio: 1500:1 (typ)
Sunlight display 3.0, Reading mode 3.0
TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification
360° ambient light sensor
120Hz 6.67” DotDisplay
20:9 aspect ratio, 2400×1080 FHD+
AdaptiveSync display: 30Hz/48Hz/50Hz/60Hz/90Hz/120Hz
Color gamut: NTSC 84% (typ)
Brightness: 450 nits (typ)
Color contrast ratio: 1500:1 (typ)
Sunlight display 3.0, Reading mode 3.0
TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification
360° ambient light sensor
Color1 Cosmic Black, Lunar Silver, Aurora Blue Cosmic Black, Lunar Silver Atlantic Blue, Pearl Gray, Rose Gold Beach
Body Corning®️ Gorilla®️ Glass 5 front and back
Aluminum alloy frame
Corning®️ Gorilla®️ Glass 5 front and back
Aluminum alloy frame
Corning®️ Gorilla®️ Glass 5 front and back
Plastic frame
Dimensions 165.1mm x 76.4mm x 9.33mm, 218g 165.1mm x 76.4mm x 9.33mm, 216g 165.38mm x 76.8mm x 9.0mm, 214.5g
Performance Qualcomm®️ Snapdragon™️ 865
up to 2.84GHz clock speed
Qualcomm®️ Snapdragon™ 750G
up to 2.2GHz clock speed
Rear camera 108MP wide-angle camera, 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel with OIS,
82° FOV, f/1.69, 7P lens





13MP ultra-wide angle camera, 123° FOV, f/2.4

5MP macro camera, f/2.4, AF 2-10cm

64MP wide-angle camera, 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel, 79.8° FOV, f/1.89, 6P lens 





13MP ultra-wide angle camera, 123° FOV, f/2.4

5MP macro camera, f/2.4, AF 2-10cm

64MP wide-angle camera, 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel, 79.8° FOV
f/1.89, 6P lens





8MP ultra-wide camera, 120° FOV, f/2.2

2MP macro camera, f/2.4
FF (4cm)

2MP depth sensor, f/2.4

Front camera 20MP in-display front camera
16MP in-display front camera
Connectivity 5G
WiFi 6
Dual SIM
Multi-functional NFC
IR blaster
Dual SIM
Multi-functional NFC
IR blaster
Unlock Side-mounted fingerprint sensor
AI Face Unlock
Charging 5,000mAh (typ) high-capacity battery
33W wired fast charging
33W in-box charger
4,820mAh (typ) high-capacity battery
33W wired fast charging
33W in-box charger
Audio Dual speakers
Hi-Res Audio certification
Dual speakers
Hi-Res Audio certification
Motor X-axis linear vibration motor Z-axis linear vibration motor
System MIUI 12 based on Android 10
Storage variants1 8GB+128GB
6GB + 64GB
6GB + 128GB


To keep up with your power needs, Xiaomi also launched Mi 65W Fast Charger with GaN tech. Packing a powerful punch into a compact design that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Mi 65W Fast Charger is able to swiftly charge your smartphone, laptop, and game console. Starting at a recommended retail price of EUR 29, Mi 65W Fast Charger will be available for purchase soon1.


The launch also marked the global debut of Mi Watch, Xiaomi’s very first smartwatch model for the global market. As a brand new addition to Xiaomi’s wearable product lineup, Mi Watch is made to empower active lifestyles of all kinds.

Featuring a 1.39’’ bright AMOLED panel and a dedicated sports button on the side, Mi Watch provides users instant access to a smorgasbord of 117 exercise modes. To comprehensively oversight one’s health, it packs six different sensors and GPS to offer key health metrics and environmental data, for example, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and air pressure. The device is ultra light-weight and long lasting – perfect for continuous everyday use. After only two hours of charging, it offers an outstanding 16 days of battery life2. Additionally, Mi Watch supports an array of features including over 100 watch faces,  camera remote function, native emojis on notifications, voice control, and more.

Starting at a recommended retail price of EUR 99, Mi Watch will be available for purchase soon1.

For product images please refer to Mi 10T ProMi 10TMi 10T LiteMi 65W Fast Charger with GaN TechMi Watch.

1Pricing and availability may vary between markets.

2Battery life may vary based on actual usage.

5G connectivity will vary based on local operator capabilities.


Smooth viewing experience is largely achieved thanks to the smartphone’s display refresh rate – the higher, the smoother. Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T feature a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate display paired with an industry-first 7-stage AdaptiveSync technology. This proprietary technology enables 7 stages of refresh rate adjustment, from 30Hz to 144Hz. The display is able to adjust its refresh rate depending on content being viewed for buttery smooth graphics, while ensuring prolonged battery life.

Buttery smooth graphics with 7-stage refresh rate adjustment

Graphic lags and screen jittering are especially noticeable when the display’s refresh rate (Hz) does not match its contents’ frame rate (fps). For example, when a video is at 25fps, while the display operates at 60Hz, the two are mismatched and will cause the screen to jitter.

The reason for the jitter is that a 25fps TV show runs at 25 frames per second, while a fixed 60Hz screen shows 60 frames per second. As a result, there is a mismatch between the display terminal and the content source, which results in the screen being forced to display the same frame several times before moving to the next one, causing a lag between the video and the screen.

So when a 60Hz screen plays a 25fps video, there will be a backlog in the amount of time it takes the screen to display the first frame and all the subsequent frames. It would take 2/60 seconds to display one frame, 3/60 seconds to display the next frame, etc., which will cause screen jitter.

To avoid screen jitter, it is best to set the screen refresh rate to be the same as, or a multiple of the content frame rate. Put simply, a 24fps video can be displayed at a 48Hz refresh rate, and a 25fps video displayed at a 50Hz refresh rate. Although each frame is shown repeatedly, it is shown for the same amount of time, ensuring smooth viewing.

Xiaomi’s self-developed AdaptiveSync technology offers a total of 7 stages (30/48/50/60/90/120/144Hz) of refresh rate adaptation, fully covering the frame rates of various content types, and achieving accurate frame-to-frame matching, thus eliminating screen lags and display jittering.

Improved battery performance, automatic adjustment to any content 

With a higher refresh rate, the display driver IC consumes more current. Moreover, a higher refresh rate also causes additional strain on CPU, GPU, memory and other internals, which increases the overall power consumption.

Typically, high refresh rate phones can only switch between 60Hz and the highest refresh rate available on them. This causes a common drawback in high refresh rate phones – shortened battery life.

Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T’s AdaptiveSync is the industry’s latest solution to this issue – 7 stages of refresh rate adjustment, accurately matching various use scenarios to avoid unnecessary power consumption. For active usage scenarios such as scrolling through social media feeds, the refresh rate will switch to 144Hz to ensure a smooth viewing experience, when interaction with the screen occurs less frequently, the rate instantly drops to 50Hz to reduce power consumption.

Equipped with our 7-stage AdaptiveSync technology and a 5000mAh battery, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T can last 1.3 days* under heavy usage, and two whole days* under light usage. It outperforms most other 5G flagship smartphones.

In addition to the top-of-the-line 144Hz variable-speed high refresh rate, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T are equipped with 7-stage AdaptiveSync technology. It intelligently synchronizes screen refresh rate with content frame rate to achieve the best display and power performance. Mi 10T display is outstanding in terms of color accuracy, color difference and pixel density.

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