ASUS ROG Theta Electret Wired Gaming Headphones Review


ROG Theta Electret Wired Gaming Headphones is a new kind of gaming headset that features electret driver technology for the audiophile sound. It’s high quality design and together with a boom microphone for clear voice communication. The earcups fits comfortably around your ears and large typical ROG style.


The box feels luxury and big for a purpose.

The unboxing experience is top notch. The unveiling of the headset by pulling apart the side wall makes it very grandeur and elaborate.

Welcome To The Elite Republic of Gamers Community

Metal ear cup and yoke design for long term use and ruggedness

Republic of Gamers embossed into the headband

Extra ear cushions made of breathable fabric mesh

Boom mic for in-game communication

Extended Y-cable 1.2M

Protein leather ear cup

A closer look at the fabric mesh

Electret Driver on the top and Neodymium Bass Driver below


This headset features a ROG logo in silver and follows design from ROG line of gaming peripherals. The ear cup are designed for better heat dissipation and durability. I prefer the fabric ear cups to the  protein leather as it’s much more comfortable and doesn’t stick to my face after long periods of usage.

The mic is length is just nice for the face and easy to maneuver. It’s certified by discord and teamspeak.

With a hard switch to turn off the mic at a easy to located position of the back of the left ear. It’s also detachable when you’re not gaming.

Audio Quality

ROG Theta Electret Wired Headset as mentioned in the name a electret driver technology. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology. It’s actually consists of a membrane with a static charge on it between 2 perforated metal plates. Electret driver is usually driven with an energizer such as amplifier. The ROG Theta Electret comes with a 120mm electret driver and is paired with 45mm neodymium bass drivers. This allows it to work without an amp like using with your handphone. It has a impedance of 32 Ohm and frequency of 20 ~ 40000 Hz.

Looking online for other similar product and there isn’t any meant for gaming only for music which is the Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 and it cost a 499 USD.

Audio is crisp and clear for voices and due to the lack of bass other sounds are more define and when playing games, you can hear the differences compared to other headset with more bass and surround sounds.

Playing CS:GO I can hear things better compared to normal headset. But the sounds leak quite a lot and there is no noise isolation. I can hear everything around me when listening to music.

Usage and feedback

The headset weighs 555g and  is slightly too heavy for using it for hours and hanging it on my shoulders it’s quite large and affecting the head movements. I recommend to just take it off than keeping it on your shoulders. I quite like the fabric cushions as it is more comfortable and it does not feel as hot compared to the leather ear cups.

I find the extension cord useful as I had to use it to connect to the back of my computer. The length is just nice but I feel that 2 cables from each side is not as comfortable as 1 cable and the cable sleeves is made of thick nylon.

There isn’t any carrying case included with this headset and I doubt anyone would just throw this fine piece of equipment into their backpack. I hope ASUS will include a nice ROG carrying case and it would

Final Thoughts

The ASUS ROG Theta Electret Wired Headphones is a premium headset for gamers that are fans of ROG and only uses the headset for gaming purpose. This stereo headset is meant for use with an amplifier and ASUS has a wide variety of amplifier to choose from and especially for gaming we have to use software to adjust the EQ to meet our needs. This is the one and only dual driver gaming headset on the market which retails $389.99 in Singapore

ROG Theta Electret Wired Gaming Headphones











  • Audio Quality
  • 2 Pairs of Earcups
  • Build quality
  • Detachable Mic


  • Weighs too much
  • No volume dial
  • Price
  • Not travel friendly

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