Creative Live! Mic M3: You Won’t Wanna Drop This Mic


SINGAPORE – 30 September 2021 – Creative Technology today announced the release of Creative Live! Mic M3, a plug-and-play USB microphone that allows users to record and sound like professionals while streaming, gaming, or even conferencing. It sports Cardioid and Omni microphone polar patterns, studio-grade recording resolution and real-time mic monitoring, making it the perfect all-round audio input solution for content creation and better communications with any PC or Mac.

Creative Live! Mic M3 offers users greater versatility across different use cases as it is designed with two 14mm condenser capsules for dual polar pattern types, Cardioid and Omni, which can be easily switched via the control knob. With the Cardioid pattern, it is most suitable for single-person recordings, like streaming a gameplay, as it is a front-focused mode and is best used to capture sounds made directly in front of the mic. On the other hand, the Omni pattern is an all-angle mode that works better to capture sounds equally from all directions and is great for use with groups, like a podcast recording with two or three hosts.

With up to 24-bit / 96 kHz high-resolution recording, Creative Live! Mic M3 offers clearer recordings to add that dash of audio oomph to the user’s livestreams, podcasts, conference calls, or even just everyday conversations. Adding to that, the microphone also comes with a dedicated mute button and real-time mic monitoring, which allows users to easily make adjustments on the fly.

Equipped with a built-in headphones port, detachable pop filter, and an adjustable table stand, Creative Live! Mic M3 serves as the perfect microphone for budding content creators and even those working from home as it offers crystal clear and studio-quality audio without the hefty price tag.

Pricing and Availability
Creative Live! Mic M3 is attractively priced at S$89 and is available at

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