ASUS VivoMini PC V66-C – Review


The Vivomini PC V66-C’s design is clearly meant for business and office usage, with the ability to upgrade some hardware easily. The little desktop is also fantastically light, weighing about 2-liter (1.5 kg), making it small and compact size.

Furthermore, the cooling fans aren’t loud during running intense software like adobe photoshop lightroom & Premiere Pro editing. You can feel like heat blowing out from the right side of the chassis and the vivomini can be vesa-mounted on the back of the monitor.

The PC’s rear panel gets you access to just any connection you’ll need. There are two USB 3.0 ports, 4- in 1 SD card reader, an gigabit Ethernet port, and COM port. Video-wise, you have access to a HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and DVI, giving you plenty of options for connecting to multiple monitors.


What you might expect from a pc, there isn’t much room inside the Vivomini PC for upgrades, You can additional storage 2.5inch HDD or SSD.   The system can be configured with a 2.80Ghz & Turbo boost at 4.0Ghz hexa-core processor with 9MB cache, up to 8GB of memory, and an m.2 SSD of 128 Gb, but the graphics processor will be using SOC Intel UHD 630 running up to 1.05Ghz and supporting 4k resolution at 60Hz.

Dismantle Vivomini PC.

Available for Storage and memory upgrades, however, the upgrade part will make the Vivomini PC an excellent office-level PC performance increase.

The main OS storage will be using Hynix 128Gb SATA3 M.2. If you need to increase the main drive storage and you can replace it with a higher capacity SSD and refresh install windows without the problem. The windows will automatically detect the activation key, since the windows activation key is blind with the motherboard.

There is no needed to upgrade the intel wireless- AC 9560 160mhz Wifi card, unless you want your vivomini pc support wiressless AX standard [WIFI 6]

There are two ram slot for upgrade available, but the default come with Hynix 8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz ram and it’s enough for office usage.


Information and performance



VivoMini PC VC66-C











  • Office usage
  • Easy to upgrade storage and ram
  • Fast wireless speed
  • USB Type - C & SD card reader
  • Low power usage


  • Outdated Intel 8th processor
  • 128Gb Storage
  • High price

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