Sony SRS-XB32 Extra Bass Waterproof Wireless Speaker – Review


Sony SRS-XB32 Extra Bass Waterproof Wireless Speaker was introduced in late 2019 and it’s a loud waterproof speakers for all kinds of environment. From it’s model name you know the XB stands for Extra Bass which you get loads from this speaker. With Dual 48mm speaker unit to get that powerful volume. Let’s take a look design


It’s mainly made from rubberized frame and IP67 rating to keep out dirt and water. It’s durable and you don’t have to worry about dropping it. It weighs 900g and dimensions is 238 x 84 x 83 (mm)


Big Sony logo underneath with 4 legs to keep it stable when it’s on the sides.

At the back there’s a protective cap to keep the water out from the buttons.

There’s 3 dedicated button hidden here for turning off the lights, checking the battery level. WPS is for Wireless Party Chain. ADD is to add another speaker.  A Stereo Mini Jack (IN) for your other audio players like iPod that doesn’t have Bluetooth function. The USB A port is for charging your devices. Who knew speakers could double up as a portable charger.

This keeps it working for up to 24hours according to Sony. But based on my experience with Extra Bass and flashing lights I’ve gotten about 15 hours in total not at full volume.Micro USB port for charging which takes up to 5 hours to get it to full charge.

Finally on the top we have the usual power on button, volume up and down, Play/Pause button and lastly the LIVE button. The LIVE button activates the utilize Sony’s DSP technology to create a 3 dimensional experience which allows the sound to travel further.

The XB32 also includes NFC connection to help pair faster. There’s also a MIC in there somewhere. Not sure where but from testing it sounds like it recording from the front grills.


This is what it looks like inside with 2 48mm speaker unit using Mica Reinforced Cellular  MRC speaker cone.

Let’s start using this speaker. To make full use of the speaker I download 2 App. Sony Music Center and Fiestable from the Google Play Store for my android phone.


Typical installation and information prompt from new app. It’s good to know that Sony is continuously updating the app and include new features.

Setting up is easy just turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and pair with SRS-XB32

This is the main interface every time you pair with the device. I found out you can stop the app from auto appearing each time by going into the settings. Uncheck Music Center Auto Launch to disable it.

Just a short demo on the flashing lights and sound quality. Sound quality is really really good. The bass is as good as the ad. The extra bass really fills the room with the strong bass and still maintain the clarity of the music. If you’re not in the mood of music you can turn it off to maybe take a call or listen to audio books without the bass. You can even control the EQ of the speakers.

ClearAudio+ is the default which is EXTRA BASS which I recommend using when using indoors and LIVE SOUND when outdoors or in a large dome arena.


Get frenzied parties ? Download this app to control the light show and some gesture movements.




Just a short intro on how to use the Custom Party Flash.

This is a really neat feature where you use your phone to create the different Illumination according to the movement of your phone.

Another demo of the dancing light show.

Overall experience with this Bluetooth speaker is expected from Sony. The Extra Bass coming out from this portable speaker is strong and the led flashing from the speakers makes it feel like a party every time.


Here’s a GIF to showcase the led light show

Sony SRS-XB32

SGD $189










  • Extra Bass
  • Ruggedized body IP67
  • LED Customization
  • EQ Control


  • micro-USB charging
  • MIC soft

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