ASUS ROG Keris Wireless Lightweight Gaming Mouse Review


ROG Keris Wireless Lightweight Gaming Mouse Review



Here’s one of the newest Wireless Gaming Mouse from ROG, the ROG KERIS with 16000 DPI sensor and tri-mode connectivity mouse, sleek design and features that are not found in other mice.



ROG logo as usual on the mouse and as shown on the box it’s able to pair with AURA Sync

Some of the features are listed on the back of the box. Notice the push-fit switch sockets

ASUS has provided  2spare Omron switch D2F-01F

A very nice 2 meters paracord USB C to USB A

4 X side buttons for replacement of the default black side buttons

ROG Stickers and spare mouse feet PETE sheet


This curvy moue has matte and textured plastic on the left side including the 2 programmable side buttons


Same two tone texture on right side as well and you can see the curves

On the front we can see the USB C port for wired connectivity and for charging the internal battery

The ROG RGB logo on the back

On the rear we can see the PTFE on the 4 corners of the mouse and also around the optical sensor

The weight is approximately 79g but registered as 80g on my food scale


Let’s take a quick peek on the inside. Removing the rubber protector to remove the 2 screws

If you need some guidance there’s a guide provided.

As you can see the 2 red switches are ROG branded and feels really light

Closer look at the scroll wheel in the middle

DARE 2 PLAY etched onto the motherboard

The battery is 500mAh and is also replaceable and sits firmly in the middle of the mouse.


The ROG KERIS has a Dimensions of 118mm x 62mm x 39mm ( L x W x H ) and using the honeycomb inner structure which keeps it lightweight at about 80 grams. The matte buttons feels premium and together with ROG micro switches for the smooth clicking. Paired with the PTFE mouse feet for extra smooth glide.

The mouse isn’t that big and feels a tad small for my hand size but still feels very comfortable by using a relaxed claw grip method. Clicking noise feels good and pre-travel are low. Regarding the side buttons it’s quick and snappy at most times. The scroll wheel has a good feedback and texture wised it has a good tactile feel and not that loud.

The sensors on the ROG KERIS can go up to 16000 DPI but that’s really too sensitive for anyone. The weight difference between this wireless model and the wired mouse is 18g and I’m not really feeling the difference affecting the usage of this wireless mouse.

I’ve tested all 3 method of connectivity (wired / 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth) and to me it all feels the same speed and responsiveness. Using the mouse with the paracord feels the same unrestricted.

Battery life is advertised at up to 78 hours without RGB And 56 hours with RGB. So far I’ve done about 50 hours with RGB and I’m still on my first charge. Half on 2.4GHz and another half on Bluetooth. Pretty impress with the battery life coming from the 500mAH battery.


The ROG KERIS WIRELESS required Windows 10 and the Amoury Crate software to fully function.

As usual, there’s always an update.


Always make sure to reboot your computer after the update.

As there isn’t a battery indicator on the mouse we can use the software to show the battery life and also change the alert when the battery hits 50% or 25%

We can also change the sleep mode after being idle for 1 minute to 10 minutes and also never go into sleep mode

Here we can calibrate the lift-off distance of the mouse either low or high

Using AURA SYNC we can sync the mouse with other ROG products or one of the many effects we can choose from.

We can change the button controls from the software too

Let’s create a macro and configured it for the backward side button

Recording keystrokes and saving it

Here we can add the macro button to the side button and this will save some time typing out the website address. 🙂


The ROG KERIS WIRELESS is a lightweight, featured packed wireless gaming mouse with 3 modes of connectivity and really fun using it for gaming needs and we always need RGB lightning to pair with our gaming PC.


ROG Keris Wireless











  • wired / 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth
  • 2 meter cable
  • 79 gram
  • 16000 DPI
  • extra switches and buttons


  • Armoury Crate software buggy
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