Soul Emotion 2 Review


The Emotion 2 is the latest model based on Emotion which was launched in 2018. This new model was launched in 2019 and it’s a IPX4 rated true wireless bluetooth. It has a compact shape and only weighs 34g.

Unboxing the Earphones

As you can see the package is well design to fit snugly.

Additional ear tips & a short USB C charging cable is included in the box.

Using the Emotion 2, pairing is easy. Just look for SOUL EMOTION2

When paired the LED will blink blue and also when music is paused too.

A little detail about the earphones, it’s using a 6mm speaker diameter with a frequency response of 20-20KHz. Wearing the earphones the default eartips fits my ear like a glove. The suction gives it some noise cancelling effects.

Using the earphones is quite easy with a few touch controls for music playback. Double tap to skip and single tap to pause/resume. If you’re a SIRI/Google Assistant user tap it trice to trigger the AI.

But there’s a lack of volume control and no way to skip back.

I like the fact that the earphones can pair either side L/R and work with only 1 paired. Some other brands can only use as a pair. This is a good feature for me.

For call function it’s even easier. Just 1 tap to answer and another tap to hang the phone. If you’re not in the mood just hold for 1 sec to reject the call.

For bluetooth it’s using version 5.0 and for the code it’s using SBC.

SBC – Sub-band Coding – The mandatory and default codec for all stereo Bluetooth headphones with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). It is capable of bit rates up to 328 kbps with a sampling rate of 44.1kHz.

I’m using spotify music to test and it’s only 320 kbps for the High Quality so this earphones is more than enough to support spotify.


Listening to a variety of genre,  I like that the music is balance and bass is not overpowering. But to improve your experience with this earbuds, you definitely need to adjust your Equalizer. For my own preference I like more bass when listening to music.

For call quality it’s clear and there’s not much wind noise when using it outdoors. The mic picks up the voice and not that much of a lag.

The battery life is up to 4.5 hours each side and in total 18 hours including the case power.

There’s a LED indicator on the case to determine the battery life. 4 blinks for full and none if flat. I learned about it the hard way.

An issue is when gaming with the Emotion 2. It has some lag but it could be due to bluetooth 5.0.

The other issue I had was when I forgot to charge the case. I can’t pair the earbuds without any power left in the case.

It retails for 129.90 on the official website but I saw at popular it was on sale for $89.90 but currently it’s selling for a steal at $59.90 at shopee and lazada

Don’t wait too long to get this balanced earbuds TWS for cheap. I would recommend it for someone that doesn’t want to invest so much in a TWS and is not an audiophile. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Soul Emotion2











  • Compact Case
  • IPX4
  • Loud
  • Pairing with single earbud
  • Promotional price


  • Not enough bass
  • Does not support Aptx
  • No volume control

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