ASRock’s AMD Ryzen Threadripper X399 Motherboards Promise Unprecedented Power


TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 2017 – The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is pleased to announce the launch of motherboards for AMD’s new Ryzen Threadripper socketTR4 CPUs. Building on years of development work, the high-end Threadripper X399 platform promises to thrill high end PC gamers and performance enthusiasts alike. ASRock is supporting Threadripper and the X399 chipset with the new X399 Professional Gaming board and the X399 Taichi board, both of which will exceed the highest of expectations by combining unprecedented power with almost limitless expandability.

ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming

ASRock’s Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming board is ideal for high end gamers and other power users. This board gets the utmost from the modern high-speed networking environment with features like AQUANTIA 10Gb/s LAN – ideal for ultra-responsive lag-free online gaming, and for SOHO systems as well. The board’s 1 x U.2 connector and 3 x Ultra M.2 sockets easily support high-end SSDs for lightning fast startup and game level loading.

This board features IR3555M Dr. MOS and premium 60A power chokes, it is optimized for monitoring current and temperature to maintain stable power and flawless performance, even at peak loads and during overclocking.

Producing some of the smoothest and most lifelike graphics ever seen from the most powerful cards the industry has to offer, ASRock’s X399 motherboards supports 4-Way operation for both Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFireX. All the PCIe lanes are supported directly from the CPU without using an additional bridge controller, to ensure unhindered graphics performance.

X399 Taichi Motherboard for Performance Enthusiasts

The ASRock X399 Taichi Motherboard provides access to extreme Ryzen Threadripper performance. The X399 is the first ever AMD platform to provide quad channel, eight DIMMs DDR4 memory slots with ECC and non-ECC support, and memory overclocking up to 3600MHz.

Innovative features like BIOS Flashback make system set up and maintenance easier than ever before, by allowing BIOS flashing with just a simple click. With just a pre-loaded USB memory stick and a power supply – no CPU or RAM – users can always install the latest BIOS support.

The Taichi motherboard provides outstanding networking support, thanks to Intel® Dual LAN sockets, plus Intel® 802.11ac WiFi. Just like the X399 Professional Gaming Board, X399 Taichi supports three PCIe Gen3 x4 Ultra M.2 slots that deliver up to 32Gb/s transfer speed, and SATA3 6Gb/s M.2 modules. The X399 Taichi also uses IR3555M Dr. MOS and premium 60A power chokes to maintain stable power and flawless performance.

Bringing Professional Power to The Consumer Desktop

ASRock continues to provide the best performance along with astounding features in an attractive package. And now, ASRock’s X399 series offers the perfect choice of AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform for both PC performance enthusiasts and high end gamers. With Threadripper, AMD once again brings professional power-user features to the consumer. Features include unbeatable 16 core/32 thread CPU power and eight quad channel DDR4 memory slots with ECC and non-ECC support. Making the most of all this power requires a stable, reliable and full-featured foundation – and that’s what ASRock’s engineers have designed, in the new X399 motherboard series. ASRock supports all the great new Ryzen Threadripper features every step of the way and is proud to offer them to its users around the world.

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