Cooler Master Announces the Elite 110A Mini-ITX Desktop Case


Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the immediate availability of the Elite 110A, a cube shaped mini-ITX desktop case. Sporting an Aluminium bezel and LED-lit power button, this case is every mini-ITX lover’s dream.

“The rise of mini-ITX cannot go unnoticed. There are plenty of enthusiasts that have been on the lookout for a mini-ITX case that has respectable airflow, seamless modularity and immaculate aesthetics. Their search will finally find their answers with the Elite 110A,” said Zoy Pan, Case Product Manager.

Stealthy Statement

The Elite 110A comes with brushed Aluminium front panel with blue illuminated LED emblem that doubles as the power button. This gives the Elite 110A case a classic look yet delivering a stealthy statement. The Elite 110A combines these aesthetics and intelligent space design into as small footprint as possible. It is still capable of holding full sized desktop components such as ATX sized Power Supply Unit (PSU), desktop dual slots graphic cards, and three HDDs or four SSDs.


Never Settle for Less

Just because space is confined, doesn’t mean performance has to be jeopardized. The Elite 110A is capable of housing a 120mm water cooling radiator giving you the ability to create space efficient, liquid-cooled gaming-grade PC at a fraction of the bulk. If that is not enough, ignite your Maker’s spirit and give it some custom liquid loops. While the Elite 110A has been tested to work with MasterLiquid Pro 120, Seidon 120V Plus, Seidon 120V and Nepton 120XL, the choice is really in your hands. You do not have to settle for less with the Elite 110A.

Flexible Mounting

The Elite 110A defines the 15.1L compact dimension dynamically. The top rail supports mounting points for two 2.5” or 3.5” drives. This provides you enough room to mount either a pair of SSDs or a pair of HDDs. The left side of the enclosure supports mounting point for two 80mm fans, a pair of SSDs and a single 3.5” HDD.


Ventilation Vents

The Elite 110A is not all just about the looks. The cooling vents on the Elite 110A have been delicately designed ensuring smooth air flow inwards and outwards. The top and side ventilation delivers excellent cooling in its minimum space. The surrounding edge on the front Aluminium panel has a line of unfiltered vent holes that allow for additional airflow. On the side, there is optional support for two 80mm x 25mm fans that could cool down the graphic card when the gaming gets intense.


Pricing & Availability

The Elite 110A is now available in Singapore, priced at SGD 72.

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