RT-AC5300 & RT-AC88U New Firmware Coming Soon


ASUS is preparing to release new firmware update for RT-AC5300 & RT-AC88U, since the build was launched one month ago. This will mark the start of ongoing releases that will give ASUS customers improvements on functionality, services, and wireless performance.

What’s coming?

New Wireless SDK driver

Resolve Wireless issue

Resolve Apple airplay and many more…..

When is it coming?

They are in the final stages of QA testing and we expect the new software to be available in the next few weeks.

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  • Given this post from asus actually confirmed the connection problem for apple devices. I guess we should stay away from buying this router before the firmware is released. I was one button away from finishing the purchase a few times in past few weeks but I can’t get myself do it.

    This post stats on 15Sep2016…. now is 14th Dec… a few weeks means another quarter of a year?… hope Asus can resolve the bugs and release the firmware soon

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