Cooler Master Announces Limited-Edition MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal


SINGAPORE – Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the immediate availability of the MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal, a special edition of the MasterKeys Pro L RGB with frosted transparent case and keycaps for maximum RGB brilliance.

“We have always been dedicated on delivering the best RGB experience with our MasterKeys Pro series keyboards. The MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition is what we believe is the perfect keyboard for RGB illumination enthusiasts with the use of transparent materials to flaunt the brilliance of the RGB LEDs and various lighting modes built into our keyboards”, said Vic Chien, Peripherals Product Manager.

Shine Bright

The MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition packs the brightest LEDs that radiate in 16.7 million colors into a minimalistic frosted transparent case to give you the most brilliant illumination you have ever seen. The transparent keycaps allow the illumination to radiate brighter than any other keyboard for even more awesome RGB lighting effects. A frosted coating protects you from the glare of the bright RGB LEDs.


Form does not follow Function

Cooler Master does not compromise when it comes to performance. Only 100% authentic Cherry MX switches are used in the MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition, for gamers who demand the best. Available with a choice of either Blue or Brown switches. Cooler Master has also combined N-key and 6-key rollover. The keyboard automatically switches to N-key rollover when six or more keys are pressed, ensuring that your keyboard will work flawlessly with any OS you choose to game on. No matter how frantic the action gets, the Masterkeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition can handle it.

Make it Yours with On-the-fly Macro Support, Easy-to-use Software:

The MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition with its 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor allows you to record and play back complex macros instantly without the need of additional software. The easy-to-use software lets you configure your RGB lighting just the way you want it, with various modes like Color Wave, Breathing, EQ, Snake and Ripple. Harnessing the Cooler Master SDK support, you can also code your own lighting effects in C++ programming language to get that one-of-its-kind backlight effect. Alternatively, you can also adjust and change settings via the on-the-fly system, without installing anything on your PC.


Future-proof with Updates

Expand LED lighting modes through online updates and upgrades only available through


Pricing & Availability

The MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition is now available for purchase at the suggested retail price of SGD 249

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