Cooler Master Launches MasterNotepal Pro and MasterNotepal Maker


Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the MasterNotepal Pro and MasterNotepal Maker here in Singapore. The MasterNotepal Pro has a detachable five port USB hub with USB 3.0, USB 3.0 micro, and USB 2.0 support. When you don’t require additional USB ports, the hub can be detached, put in the included rubber sleeve, and placed under your laptop to change your typing angle. On the other hand, the MasterNotepal Maker has all the features of the MasterNotepal Pro, plus a detachable base that offers an additional 5 viewing angles. Whether you’re watching a show or typing a Word document, you’ll always be able to find an angle that suits you.


An Aluminum Stand and Two Adjustable Fans – Keep any Laptop Cool and Running Smoothly

Whether desktop or laptop, heat is the enemy of all PC users. It slows your machine to a crawl, causes system crashes, and can potentially cause permanent damage to your hardware. Both the MasterNotepal Pro and MasterNotepal Maker feature a long lasting, scratch resistant, aluminum base that disperses heat away from your laptop. Included with the two models are two powerful yet quiet fans that can be moved around the stand to target your laptop’s specific hot spots.


Anti-slip Rubber Pads and Built-in Cable Management

The stand rests at a default tilt of 8°, an angle tested for ideal ergonomic laptop comfort when typing and viewing. A large rubber back leg keeps the stand in place. Built into the leg are eight cable management slots to keep cords neatly organized and safely out of the way. Place any single cable into each slot such as but not limited to USB cables, ethernet cables, and power cords. Just press the cable into one of the allocated slots to secure.


Add an Easy Access Five Port USB 3.0 Micro, 3.0 and 2.0 Hub

The USB hub can charge even the hungriest of devices like phones and tablets. USB ports include one USB 3.0 and one micro USB 3.0 port for lightening quick 5.0 Gbps transfer speeds plus an additional three USB 2.0 ports powering up to five extra devices at once. The USB hub is plug and play, requiring no additional software, drivers, or a complicated installation process. You may also detach the USB hub, wrap it in the included rubber sleeve, and place it under your laptop to change the typing angle. Included with the Pro and Maker models.


Add an Adjustable Base Station for Five Additional Viewing Angles

A detachable base station offers you a customizable viewing and typing experience. Five adjustable viewing angles put you in complete control. Whether you are looking to type something out or sit comfortably and watch a movie, the MasterNotepal Maker has you covered. There are also two removable, rubber-padded tabs that come with the base station to keep your laptop in place at all times. These are strong enough to stabilize even the thickest of laptops.


Pricing & Availability:

The MasterNotepal Pro and MasterNotePal Maker are both available locally with a suggested retail price of SGD 119 & SGD 139 respectively.

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