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The Valkyrie Syn 240 liquid cooling system is supplied in unique packaging box. On the outer planes of the box, the product itself is depicted in color, as well as the main features with explanatory images and technical specifications are listed. Some of the images are varnished. The inscriptions are mostly in English and Chinese. The sole of the heat sink and the thermal paste on it are protected by a figured overlay made of transparent plastic. Much attention has been paid to the packaging, apparently in order to demonstrate the high class of the product, and to convince the user that she/he did not spend his money in vain.


Cold Plate Material: Copper
Radiator Material: Aluminum
Tubing Length: 395mm
Screen Type: LCD 2.4”
Screen Resolution: 320x240px
Coldplate Dimensions:  60x50x3mm
Tubing Material: FEP Corrugated Braided Sleeve
Radiator Dimensions: 276x120x27mm
Fan Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Fan Speed:  800-2150RPM± 10%
Unit operation: PWM
Number of Fans: 2
Radiator Size: 240
Fan Model: Valkyrie X12
Fan Airflow: 80CFM (Max)
Fan Static Pressure: 3.14mmH2O (Max)
Noise Level: ≤29dBA (Max)
Intel Socket Compatibility: 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 1700, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, 1700
AMD Socket Compatibility: AM4, AM5
Price SGD $209 available at PC themes – Sim Lim Square #04-15
Warranty 5 Years


There are two opening door to open before access to the cooler

The item was pack and organize by their category box

Inside the box is what is listed in the table below:

Unpacking an exciting package can be a lot of fun. Number 01 – The package include lot of anime character cards, fan controller and a figure.

Number 02: Installation screw, thermal paste and mounting backplate.

Combination of two powerful and silence Valkyrie X12 fans. Their premium build quality and fluid dynamic bearings that offer reliable performance even in the long-term use, while the sturdy frame adds some attractive addressable RGB lighting to your system!

Adjustable Fan PWM Range

  • 800-2150 RPM (± 10%)

Superb Airflow

  • 80CFM

High Static Pressure

  • 3.14 mmH20

Low Noise Level

  • ≤29 dB(A)


Anti-vibration rubber pads are glued on the lugs in the corners of the fan frame. In the uncompressed state, they protrude by about 0.5 mm relative to the plane of the frame. As conceived by the developers, this should provide vibration decoupling of the fan from the attachment point. However, if we estimate the ratio of the fan mass to the stiffness of the linings, it becomes clear that the resonant frequency of the structure is very high, that is, there can be practically no vibration decoupling. In addition, the sockets where the mounting screws are screwed are part of the fan frame, so the vibration from the fan through the screws is transmitted without interference to the radiator. As a result, such an eye design can only be considered as a fan design element.

The radiator is made of aluminium and has a relatively durable White Corrugated Braided Sleeve finish on the outside. On the long edges of the radiator, decorative trims made of aluminium alloy with an anodized and white-painted surface are fixed, with the exception of bevels that shine with metal.

The installation manual is a book of good printing quality. Instruction in Chinese language and they included lot of anime figure to guide you. The company’s website has a description of the system and a link to a installation instructions .

The body of the pump itself is made of hard white plastic. A square light diffuser made of white translucent plastic is fixed on the top of the pump, beside which there are 2.4inch LCD display. This design is surrounded by a white plastic casing, which is covered with a blue framed lid and a central insert made of tinted translucent plastic.

In this case, the micro-usb connector power is supplied to the LCD display by the system board. Also included a micro SD card for media playback on the LCD screen.

They provide a free micro SD card Netac Pro 16Gb for putting media file.

The fan impeller is made of white plastic. On the fan stator, addressable RGB LEDs and 12 volt fan is joint together.

The fan has an Micro-Fit connector (ARGB, motor power 12V, rotation sensor, PWM control, common, backlight data input and output, backlight power 5V) at the end of two flat cables. One plugs into the fan header on the system board, and the other plugs into the ARGB 4-pins on the board.

In general, this connection method allows you to get a neatly assembled system and minimize the number of wires and connectors that require laying inside the case. True, replacing with fans with standard connectors will ruin everything.

The system is sealed and primed. The pump is integrated into one unit with a heat sink. The sole of the heat sink, directly adjacent to the processor cover, is a copper plate. Its outer surface is smooth, ground and polished almost to a mirror smoothness. The dimensions of this copper plate are 60 x 50 mm, and the inner part, limited by the screw holes. Two screws have heads that do not allow them to be turned out, which reduces the maintainability of the assembly. The central part of the sole is initially occupied by a thermal paste applied with a thin layer.

Installation of the radiator onto the casing top was very easy.

We are using Thermalright CPU Contact Frame for LGA 1700 to ensure a smooth contact point between the processor and copper plate.

This is how it look like after installation.

You can upload media file into the AIO SD card and adjust other settings such as LCD display temperature, fan speed…etc

Software only available at China official website and in Chinese language only –
Download Chinese Software Click Here
Official China Web site: 
Official English Web site: 


How We Test Valkyrie Syn 240?

Our setup system based on a AsRock B760M Pro RS motherboard and Intel Core i7 13700 – 16 Cores 24 threads processor. The ram we will be using XPG DDR5 6000Mhz memory kit. PowerColor RX7600 FIghter and WD Black SN850X PCIe 4.0 1TB SSD is used as well to run with benchmark.

Cinebench R23

Improvements to Cinebench Release 20 reflect the overall advancements to CPU and rendering technology in recent years, providing a more accurate measurement of Cinema 4D‘s ability to take advantage of multiple CPU cores and modern processor features available to the average user

Based on the Valkyrie Syn 240 liquid cooling system, you can create a conditionally silent computer equipped with an Intel Core i7-13700 (Intel LGA1700, Raptor Lake processor, if the consumption processor under maximum load will not exceed 219 W, and the temperature inside the case will not rise above 83 ° C. Among other advantages, we note good workmanship, hose braiding and a neat serial fan connection system. The disadvantages include non-standard connectors for connecting fans.

Valkyrie Syn 240











  • Affordable AIO Cooler with LCD Display
  • Low noise
  • Excellent Temperature
  • ARGB Light
  • Rich Feature and items


  • Slightly higher compare to non LCD display
  • Only Chinese language at the moment
  • Software need to improve

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