Numerous Security Fixes Implemented for SAMBA, Kernel and Various Plugins in ASUSTOR’s Security Investigation

Taipei, Taiwan 11 October 2022 – In order to strengthen the implementation of protection from malware attacks, ASUSTOR continuously upgrades ADM system in order to bring security and safety to users. ASUSTOR recognizes the spread of malware is an increasingly large problem for data security and ransomware resembling Deadbolt is a wakeup call for customers and providers. In light of this, ASUSTOR will increase its commitment to identify and patch potential vulnerabilities with consistent updates to be ahead of threats to data.
New security updates for ADM:
•    Updated SAMBA to fix the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-32742, CVE-2022-2031, CVE-2022-32744, CVE-2022-32745, CVE-2022-32746.
•    Fixed the following Linux kernel vulnerabilities: CVE-2019-18282, CVE-2019-19527, CVE-2019-19532, CVE-2019-19537, CVE-2020-12770, CVE-2021-0605, CVE-2021-20317, CVE-2021-20321, CVE-2021-29154, CVE-2021-29650, CVE-2021-34556, CVE-2021-35477, CVE-2021-3732, CVE-2021-3753, CVE-2021-39633, CVE-2021-39698, CVE-2021-4149, CVE-2021-4203, CVE-2021-45868, CVE-2022-0185, CVE-2022-0330, CVE-2022-0617, CVE-2022-1011, CVE-2022-1048, CVE-2022-1055, CVE-2022-1353, CVE-2022-20008, CVE-2022-27666, CVE-2022-28893, CVE-2022-29582.
•    Updated GnuTLS to fix the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-24659, CVE-2021-20231, CVE-2021-20232.
•    Updated Nettle to fix the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-3580, CVE-2021-20305.
•    Updated Avahi to fix the following vulnerabilities:  CVE-2021-3502, CVE-2021-3468.
The latest version of ADM updates Samba, Linux packages and Linux kernel to strengthen ADM’s security for the best customer experience. In addition to updating ADM to fix OS vulnerabilities, third party portions of the OS have been updated for greater security. While these security updates help keep ADM more secure than it has ever been, making 3-2-1-compliant backups is the only way to ensure data is secure from most practical risks.
Learn more about 3-2-1 backups:
Learn more about security advisories on ASUSTOR devices:
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