Asus ROG Fusion II 500 Gaming Headset Review


Asus ROG Fusion II 500 Gaming Headset is one of the latest headset from ROG branding. It’s a high quality build with clear audio and cool gamer design. Connectivity options with USB-C or 3.5mm. It also comes with RGB strips on both cups.



Premium Box Packaging

Rear of the box show the features

Good foam for keeping the headset secured

Plastic holder keeping it in place

Nice sleek design of the cans

Here we see the RGB strips and left control buttons

On the right side less fidgeting but very important control to swtich between chat and game sound

Here we see the USB C input and 3.5mm input

Cables are nicely packed and protected again each other with small ziplock bags

Here we have the 3.5mm cable which is 1.5 meters long

ROG branded USB-C to USB-C cables also 1.5 meters long.

Here are the additional fabric ear cushions nicely packed

The fabric is thick and yet soft and very breathable for long gaming sessions.

Nice embossed ROG logo found in the earcups

Very useful USB-C to USB-A adapter dongle if your device does not have a spare USB-C port

Adjustable headband with ROG logo engraved

The headband has some cushion in it and it’s soft

Very soft

Let’s test how soft are they cushion as well

Very soft and easy on the ears




The Asus ROG Fusion II 500 only weighs about 310 grams and quite well balanced on the head with the soft cushion headband

50mm drivers ASUS Essence drivers that deliver powerful bass and immersive true-to-life sound

ROG Protein Leather Ear Cushions – made from 100% protein leather ear cups that is thin and soft to provide noise isolation and comfort

Hybrid Ear Cushions – Fabric mesh ear cups that is breathable and comfortable for long gaming sessions

Buttons and control options are great. There’s a Game Chat volume control on the right which is able to adjust on fly between voice chats from teammates and the in-game audio volume. It really works!

I like there is a separate switch for Mic on/off on the left side together with the volume up/down control.  Pressing the volume control to toggle the Virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Aura RGB lighting

As usual with most ROG devices, we have Armoury Crate software to toggle the various customizable RGB lighting. Cool if you’re streaming or having LAN party with friends.

My favourite is always rainbow


The ROG Fusion II 500 is powered with a ESS 9280 Quad DAC audio processing chipset. This allows Hi-Res Audio and to provide lossless audio

Based on the specs it can produce Detailed spatial sound up to 130 dB SNR.

There’s also AI Noise Cancelation feature built into this headset but it only works using USB-C. It can even reduce mechanical keyboard sounds and mouse clicks while the mic is on.

Remember to update the device

Sound Quality


50mm drivers are great for headset and the sound quality is amazing. Audio is clear and crips with quite a balanced mids and highs, perfect for Music with Bass lovers in mind.

I tried using the Virtual 7.1 surround sound feature but it feels wrong to my ears. It could be just me but maybe it only works best for movies and not for games.

There’s more sound adjustment using the Armoury Crate software to play around for some cool effects.

As you can see there’s 2 output to choose from but just leave it to the software to adjust while gaming.

Don’t forget to change the device to PC when plugging in or change to console switch

Mic Quality

I like there’s no boom mic to adjust for this headset. The microphone is hidden and has AI Beamforming to focus on the sound coming out of my mouth. Amazing what happens when we can’t visualize it.

It works great with discord and is TeamSpeak certified.

Final Thoughts

The Asus ROG Fusion II 500 is a great gaming headset that focus on design and sound quality, I can say it’s well balanced and not only good for gaming. Mic is good for everyday use even for zoom meetings. Paying a premium for ROG branding and RGB strips could be hard for some guys but it’s worth it.

Asus ROG Fusion II 500










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