ROG Delta S 9281 QUAD DAC USB Gaming Headset


ROG Delta S is the world’s first MQA-enabled gaming headset with ESS 9281 Quad DAC.  The headset features premium design and as a gaming headset RGB light bars and logo. The triangular design stands out from other cans and is lightweight for extra comfort.


The box feels premium and as advertised it has won an iF Design Award.

On the back we can see the multiple features of the headset and let’s explore them soon.

I always enjoy opening up ROG products as there is always a welcome to the community notice inside which give me the premium feel that I’m going to experience.

Removing the lid we can see the headset is tightly secured in the form fitting enclosure.

Included in the box are the usual suspect, extra set of earcups, microphone attachment, USB-C to USB-A extension cables, Instruction guide & warranty details.


The extra set of cushion earcups are actually made of fabric and it’s quite comfortable in humid weather.

The mic attached has a flat edge on the bottom side which helps keep it in place.

The mic attachment is not too long and is adjustable to bend around your chin.



As you can tell ROG has it’s brand on the top of the headband and the material of the headband cushion is quite comfortable and feels easy on the top of the head.

I really like the numbering on the adjustable headset. Adjustments are smooth and up to 5 levels of height.

There are 2 switches on the left side. 1 switch is to adjust the RGB or change it to microphone sound mode, which lights up accordingly when you speak.

The other switch is the volume flicking mechanism to adjust the volume and pressing it will mute the mic.

This is the top view of the earcups which features perforated air vents to keep the cans cool and let air out.

Sneak peak at the 50mm Neodymium magnet drivers



Switching to the fabric cushions earcups.

It’s slightly more comfortable than the leather as it’s really hot here in Singapore.

The D shaped cups feels lighter and easy on the head as it only weighs 294g.

The padding on the top bands are soft and doesn’t feel like it’s clamping hard on the cranium.

Testing out the music quality on my Macbook pro is alright but there’s no software for macOS. Cable length is a tad too short for my liking but there’s a extension for USB A.


To adjust the settings on the headphones we need to use Windows 10 64-bit and install the software Armoury Crate.

Take note the download from the website is just the downloader to download the full software.

Remember to reboot after installing the software to be able to use it.


Testing the Movie mode function on the headphone are amazing and together with the Virtual Surround Sound it sounds like a movie theater.


There’s a few choices for Sound Optimization and whatever settings you set here it will be saved and if you connect it to other devices it will stay.
Don’t forget to change the settings before connecting to your macbook or other gaming consoles.


As any other RGB devices, there a plethora of settings to adjust the RGB to your liking.

I like to keep it on Rainbow like my Desktop using AURA Sync

I’m able to sync a few components to my headset.

Sound Quality

ROG Delta S gaming headset features hi-fi-grade ESS 9281 with QUAD DAC technology.

A little info about the ESS

The ESS 9281 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) features QUAD DAC™ technology to provide lossless audio processing. Each of its four DACs devotes processing power to a subset of the audible frequency range, from lows, mids, highs to ultra-highs. The four signals are then combined, which produces clearer sound with an impressive 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio that’s much higher than any other comparable device in the market. Hear every detail and enjoy crisp, clear sound for a true-to-life audio experience with ROG Delta S.

Another unique feature of the headset is the Built in MQA Renderer which is Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). The technology that delivers streaming audio files in a lossy format that retains every detail of the original recording.

50mm Neodymium magnet drivers feature a wide frequency response of 20–40 kHz with a Impedance of 32 Ohm

Also including the ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone, which has a dedicated processor to reduce background noise while preserving vocal for better voice communication when gaming. The driver is 6 mm

I find it does reduce my mechanical keyboard noise a bit and some background sound of my rotating fan. Definitely turn this feature on for gaming or even zoom calls!

Gaming on the ROG Delta S is great and sounds are clear and details are crisp and sounds immersive.

Playing music on the desktop is much more enjoyable than on any other devices. I feel that mobile devices are not equipped to power this headphones to the fullest potential. Only lacking I feel is the Bass but it’s easily adjustable with the software EQ.



The Asus ROG Delta S is great headset for gaming on the PC and other consoles. It’s definitely better on the PC and performs best with Armoury Crate installed and adjust to your liking. Strongly recommended for music gamers as it’s lightweight and packs a full range of features.


ROG Delta S











  • Audio Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • DAC
  • AI noise cancelling mic


  • Cable length
  • Not enough bass
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