Cooler Master Launches V Gold SFX Series Mini-ITX Compatible Power Supply Units


SINGAPORE – Cooler Master today launched the new V Gold SFX series power supply units. This is their first time releasing an SFX form factor PSU in the company’s more than 25-year history. When considering the fact that the company has produced Mini-ITX cases and coolers for years, this is a long overdue, but greatly appreciated development.

Like the V Gold series, it draws the root of its name from, the V Gold SFX comes in three wattage levels. It carries many of the same features as the V Gold series as well. Rather than consider this an entirely new type of products, it makes more sense from a spec/feature standpoint to judge this series as a direct copy of the V Gold series, now in its second version/iteration, in a smaller form factor for Mini-ITX case users. Here are just some of the features you can expect from Cooler Master’s first foray into the SFX PSU market.


  • Available Wattage – 650W, 750W, 850W
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certification
  • SFX Form Factor for Mini-ITX cases with included SFX-to-ATX Bracket
  • Full-Modular Cabling with 16 AWG PCI-e Cables
  • 92mm FDB Fan with 15% Semi-fanless Mode
  • 10 Year Warranty

One of the most noteworthy features is the included SFX-to-ATX bracket. This allows users to instantly transform their SFX PSU into an ATX PSU at no extra cost. That means these units are directly compatible with all cases and systems ranging from Mini-ITX all the way up through E-ATX at no extra cost. And with the wattage levels, efficiency, and connectors available, you really can use this smaller unit to power a regular ATX system with no worries.


Pricing & Availability

The V Gold SFX series is now available in Singapore.

  • V650 Gold SFX – SGD 179
  • V750 Gold SFX – SGD 199
  • V850 Gold SFX – SGD 219


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