Cooler Master Launches the MWE Gold V2 Series Power Supply Units


SINGAPORE – Cooler Master today launched the MWE Gold V2 series power supply units. The original MWE Gold series released 3 years ago. In true Cooler Master style, the series has now been remastered to deliver the same quality product with updated features at a competitive price.


The MWE Gold V2, like its predecessor, is a feature filled upper mid-level PSU. It will be available in three wattage levels. The original series was created for system builders wanting to make the transition from Bronze to Gold rated PSU builds without having to break the bank by moving into higher tier wattage levels. In respect for this vision, the MWE Gold V2 series will be released with the same SRP as the original MWE Gold series. Here are some the upgraded features that make the MWE Gold V2 a great option for your next PSU.

  • Available in 550W, 650W, and 750W models
  • Dual EPS connectors
  • 120mm HDB fan
  • Reduced noise output and ripple


The idea behind the MWE Gold V2 is to make 80 PLUS Gold power supply units as accessible as possible to users of all different levels and needs. 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency is the new standard in PC building so making it available at an affordable price helps bring everyone up to the standard quicker. Especially at the 550W and 750W levels.

Pricing & Availability

The MWE Gold V2 series is now available in Singapore.

  • MWE 550 Gold V2 – SGD 109
  • MWE 650 Gold V2 – SGD 129
  • MWE 750 Gold V2 – SGD 149
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