How to build an affordable workstation – Below $500 SGD


In this guide we will dive into a cheap high quality component computer for everyday office use, web browsing, 4K movie watching, Netflixing, music playing, etc. This is the perfect office or home computer for those of you on a budget that really only need a cheap desktop for everyday use.

We chose an AsRock J3455-ITX motherboard from the Amazon online store, which cost USD$74.99 + Shipping USD $9.74 and Total USD $84.73 – SGD $120.

The motherboard built with the latest Intel 14nm Apollo Lake Processor “Intel Quad Core Celeron CPU J3455  2M Cache, up to 2.3 GHz” and Intel HD graphics 500 – 12EU @ 750Mhz.

Model AsRock J3455-ITX
Processor Intel Celeron J3455
Code name Apollo Lake
Cores 4
Processor Clock speed 800Mhz – 2300Mhz
Cache 2MB
Technology 14nm
Graphics Intel HD 500 – 12EU
Graphics Clock Speed Up to 750Mhz
TDP 10 Watts

Selection of Components

AsRock J3455 that retails for SGD$120. In comparison, AsRock J4205 is a Intel Pentium quad-core CPU with a clock speed up to 2.6GHz and 2MB of cache that goes for about SGD$151.27. While both CPUs have the same number of cores, the J4205 is faster by 300Mhz.

Even with its lower clock of 2.3GHz and a 2.6GHz, the AsRock J4205 on its surface looks like a worse buy than the AsRock J3455. However, considering that the AsRock J3455 is SGD$31 cheaper than the AsRock J4205, we decided to go with the AsRock J3455 motherboard. This allowed budgetary breathing room for better parts elsewhere.

We based this build on prices we could find at the time of purchase. You will find current prices for the parts in the below table.

Motherboard AsRock J3455-ITX SGD $120
RAM Strontium DDR3LP 8GB 1600Mhz SGD $85
SSD Western Digital SSD 250GB Green SGD $149
Power Supply FSP 300w OEM SGD $39
Casing Jonsbo v3 SGD $79
Total $472

This board comes with M.2 Socket, supports type 2230 WiFi/BT module or you can insert M.2 SSD.

For the audio hardware: Realtek HD ALC892 audio codec with 2 ELNA Audio Capacitors and support 7.1 channel Blu-ray quality.

The storage supports four SATA3 ports, but only SATA3_1 and SATA3_2 bandwidth is directly from Intel Processor and SATA3_A1 and SATA3_A2 is directly from ASMedia ASM106 chipset. Both storage chips do not support any hardware raid.

Underlying the black heatsink and you can find the Intel Apollo Lake Processor.

CPUZ Information














Benchmark: Pcmark8
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Benchmark: Western Digital 250GB Green SSD

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Benchmark: PerformanceTest 9

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Stress Test: Temperature & Power Consumption

Mode Watts CPU Voltage Temperature
Idle 12w 0.336 40
Full Load 25w 0.536 66


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