CRYORIG Releases NZXT CAM Powered H7 Quad Lumi RGB Cooler


PC cooling and peripherals innovator CRYORIG announces their collaboration project with NZXT, the software controlled RGB LED H7 Quad Lumi will be releasing this June.

The H7 Quad Lumi is based on CRYORIG’s award winning H7, the H7 Quad Lumi features a total of four 6 mm high-end copper heatpipes, NZXT CAM Powered Lumi Lighting System as well as a new QF120 1600 RPM LED fan. Co-developed with NZXT, CRYORIG has managed to add a built-in RGB LED controller directly into the H7 Quad Lumi. Running on NZXT’s CAM, the H7 Quad Lumi can independently control the logo and base lighting of the heatsink through CAM software and mobile phone app.

With close collaboration with NZXT for over a year, CRYORIG has managed to develop something truly unique with the H7 Quad Lumi and Lumi Lighting System. The Lumi Lighting System is built on NZXT’s Hue+ controller board and CAM software system, with nine different special lighting effects available at launch and more to come with future firmware updates. The Lumi system is capable of dual channel LED configurations, meaning the top and base LED’s can be set to different colors and even separate special effects. Powered and controlled through NZXT CAM software, LED control, CPU temp monitoring, fan RPM control and profile settings are all available. This makes the H7 Quad Lumi the first CAM Powered peripheral and a true innovated approach for PC cooling solutions.

At the core the H7 Quad Lumi is based on the successful CRYORIG H7. The difference besides the addition of the Lumi Lighting System is an upgrade to four high performance heatpipes for added TDP capacity, a new QF120 LED 1600 RPM fan and also a reworked mounting system. With the upgraded heatpipe setup, the H7 Quad Lumi has increased heat dissipation performance by at least 15% over the H7 and now supports 160+ watt CPU’s. The new Quick Mount system will also provide support for LGA2011 v3 as well as continue support for LGA115x and AMD’s AM4 sockets. Supporting all latest offerings from Intel and AMD.

The QF120 LED version is a PWM controlled 300 to 1600 RPM white LED fan. Features of the QF120 LED include built in Acoustic Absorbers, Quad Air Inlet™ system for added air intake and white LED lighting. CRYORIG’s QF120 line of fans will soon all feature LED variants.

The H7 Quad Lumi will be released in June world wide with a MSRP of USD $59.99 (-VAT) world wide and €59.99(incl. VAT) in Europe.

Heatsink Specification
Dimension ( with fan ): L98 mm x W123 mm x H145 mm
Weight ( with fan ): 728 g
Weight ( without fan ): 594 g
Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe x 4 units
Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
RAM Tolerance Height: Limitless
TDP: 150 W+
Connections: PWM and Internal USB 2.0
Software: NZXT CAM
Added Software Download is required for LED lighting control.

Fan(Model: QF120 LED) Specification
Dimensions: L120 mm x W120 mm x H 25.4 mm
Weight: 128 g
RPM: 330 ~ 1600 RPM ±10 %
Noise: 10 ~ 25 dBA
Airflow: 49 CFM
Air Pressure: 1.65 mmH2O
Ampere: 0.25 A

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