Cooler Master Launches the MasterPulse Pro Over-ear RGB Headset


  • Groundbreaking audio experience with virtual 7.1 channel surround sound and 44mm drivers
  • Sound card with in-line remote control box to toggle surround sound, switch equalizer profiles, adjust volume and microphone settings.
  • Ear cups full of color via synchronization of your rig’s LED’s colour or just let your mood show on the outside.
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SINGAPORE – Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the MasterPulse Pro Over-ear RGB headset. Bring your entertainment to a new level and tailor your listening experience based on the games you play or movies you watch.

The MasterPulse Pro headset is the second in a new line of over-ear audio products for users of various types and interests and will be followed by the wireless MasterPulse Maker in early 2017.

Main Difference between the MasterPulse and MasterPulse Pro

MasterPulse Pro is a USB version of the MasterPulse headset that provides all the features of the original version plus virtual 7.1. channel surround sound, RGB LEDs in the ear cups and an on-board sound card with a built in equalizer.


A High Quality Audio Experience

The on-board sound card and 44mm drivers provide superior performance with optional virtual 7.1 surround sound. Let the dedicated sound card do the audio processing and take the demand off your computer.

Patented Bass FX Technology

The MasterPulse series introduces over-ear Bass FX technology to the listening community. Usually bass tones are altered via software, but this headset allows users to quickly enhance their bass through an easy to use, analog function that can be used on-the-fly.


Listening Modes

The Bass FX technology allows users to easily choose between two distinct sound modes by either removing or attaching the magnetic ear cup side panels. The ability to change sound profiles has a number of practical uses for both gaming and listening to music by providing noticeably different listening experiences.


On top of this, MasterPulse Pro delivers 3+1 equalizer profiles that can be combined with the Bass FX function. The profiles are Music, Movie, Gaming, and Equalizer off.


Make It Yours.

The removable side panels are not only a means for sound adjustment, but also a means for creativity. They are accessories waiting to be modded. Download the 3D printing files for the side panels from our website and design your own signature headset.

Extreme Comfort

The MasterPulse Pro was created for all uses and extended listening sessions. The lightweight aluminum frame, flexible headband, and five individual cushions contour to your head, adapting the headset to fit perfectly for each user. The removable, extra padded ear cups provide an additional level of comfort while blocking unwanted external noise.

Designed for Convenience

In-line control box includes an on-board sound card and allows you to easily toggle on/off 7.1 surround sound, switch equalizer listening profiles, control the illumination, adjust volume and turn the microphone on/off.


Pricing & Availability

The MasterPulse Pro Over-ear RGB is available at local retailers for a suggested retail price of SGD 169.

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