Striiv Fusion Bio 2 – Review


What is Striiv Fusion Bio 2?


The Fusion Bio 2 is the successor to the  Fusion Bio – the fitness band that launched in 2015.


Sitting between the new heart rate tracking Funsion Bio 2 and the cheaper Striiv Fusion Lite and Striiv Fusion 2, the Fusion Bio 2 improve the monitoring and now allow continuous heart rate tracking using the sensors at the back.


Priced at $179, it cost more than the Striiv Fusion Lite at $99 [Order Here]. This puts it up against the Jawbone UP 2 ($199) [Order Here] and the budget-friendly Striiv Touch [Order Here] ($59.00), both of which offer pretty much features as the Striiv Fusion Bio 2.

Having walked, run, worked out and logged meals wearing the Striiv Fusion Bio2, we can still say that the Fusion Bio 2 approaches to improving your health and fitness still leads the way.


Striiv Fusion Bio 2 – DESIGN AND FEATURES

From a design perspective, the Striiv Fusion Bio 2 was by no means perfect. The biggest issue with the Fusion Bio 2 was the charging port placement that blocked by rubber strap, you have to remove the device from the rubber strap and charge.

The whole design is the device sitting inside the flexible rubber strap and it come with three color strap.


The whole point of the Fusion Bio 2 is to quietly track your basic physical activity, a job it tackles without hassling you. It tracks steps, but more feature of the Fusion Bio 2 is the software on your phone. It can configure setting to monitor whether you’ve been sleeping or exercising and alerts you when you want it to so you can enter the relevant info on your workouts. You can program smart alarms that set the Fusion Bio 2 to vibrate when you can reach your aim for a daily walk. You can also program time to eat medication or drink water for every 30 minutes alerts, you can enter your weight too, if you really want to track those.


It’s use Bluetooth connectivity to interacting with the Funsion Bio 2 and sync all your data into the cloud. You don’t need to keep connecting to your phone, because the Fusion Bio 2 built-in memory can store your data up to 30days for one shot, after you have sync within 30days and the phone will show your record of exercising or walking or sleeping and you can even add friends to compare. For the function, interacting with the Funsion Bio2 requires you to double-tap the device and use your finger to touch the screen panel for gesture to select the feature.


The best part about the hardware? The battery life. I tested with 24/7 enable heart rate monitoring, and haven’t charged it a week. Among smartwatches, only the Pebble comes close to that, and it can’t do the kind of advanced fitness tracking compare to Fusion Bio 2. Unlike most smartwatches, you don’t have to think about charging it every night, and you can leave it on for sleep tracking.

Unfortunately, the Fusion Bio 2 isn’t totally waterproof, just water-resistant rated IPX4. It’s fine for sweat or rain or the shower, of course. The charging port also theoretically shouldn’t preclude waterproofing.

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