AVerMedia unveils new premium Live Gamer Portable 2


AVerMedia unveils new premium portable game capture card “Live Gamer Portable 2”


AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, today unveiled Live Gamer Portable 2, a premium successor to the renowned USB capture card Live Gamer Portable, also known as LGP. LGP2 can record and stream HD gameplay from both gaming console and PC, and features wide connectivity, hardware compression capability, and an intuitive user interface, sure to satisfy all types of gamers.


Most importantly, it is the first capture card with built-in console party chat streaming. LGP2 also inherited LGP’s unique PC-Free mode, allowing gamers the ability to record gameplay to microSD cards on the go. No matter where you play, LGP2 got you covered.

Performance and efficiency

Live Gamer Portable 2 is a compactly designed, and supports video inputs up to 1080p at 60 fps. Its HDMI pass-through, combined with its resolution support makes it perfect for multiple gaming platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, and even iOS devices. Capturing Pokémon on video is now as easy as capturing them in the game. Efficiency wise, LGP 2 is based on UVC/UAC, meaning it is a driver-free, plug and play device, giving you no trouble with installation and supports all your favorite software. The more manageable MP4 and MOV files also make editing and uploading videos much more efficient.

Intuitive and powerful software

Bundled with AVerMedia’s exclusive RECentral 3 software, LGP2 facilitates the live streaming process with intuitive settings. It streams gameplay directly to user’s channels on Twitch, YouTube, and many other platforms, and allows custom RTMP settings. RECentral 3 also offers advanced streaming features to personalize and fine-tune your channel by overlaying facecam with dynamic background removal (TriDef SmartCam), images, announcements, videos, and even interactive elements such as Streamlabs alerts and labels (previously TwitchAlerts) and your Twitch chat room. The hot button and LED indicators on LGP2 are the icings on the cake, gamers can record or stream with a simple tap, and can check the status at a glance.

For more information:

LGP2 webpage: http://www.avermedia.com/gaming/product/game_capture/


Models GC510
Selling Price (SGD) 240
Warranty 1 Year
Availability 10th October 2016


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