SilverStone Announces New Compact HTPC/Workstation Chassis – MILO 12


Taipei, Taiwan – SilverStone Technology today announced the immediate availability of the latest installment from the MILO series line, MILO 12 – a 15.6L slim and compact Mini-ITX case suitable as a HTPC system that sits next to your TV or as a high-performance workstation.

MILO 12 sports a dual-chamber internal body structure as the ML08 and RVZ03, but with few adjustments and enhancements to adhere to today’s high-end hardware standards.
A modular design has also been implemented which allows for all 4 panels (top, bottom, left & right side) to be removed for a simple and convenient build process.

The right side of the chassis is the motherboard and PSU side, supporting Mini-ITX motherboard in a 180 degree rotated motherboard layout, and an ATX PSU. An ATX to SFX adapter bracket is also included for SFX or SFX-L PSU installation, this in turn, increases space for cable management and most importantly, opens up clearance for a 9.5mm slim optical drive to be installed at the front of the chassis, a feature seen in all MILO series chassis’.
The left side is the graphics card side, which supports 3-slot cards of up to 345mm in length and 160mm in width, with an included PCIe 4.0 riser card and a graphics card holder to keep the card properly positioned.

The dual-chamber layout design is beneficial to the overall internal temperature as the 2 main heat sources (CPU & GPU) are separated to not cause overlapping of heat generated while receiving their own fresh air intake respectively.

Last but not least, case stand and case feet are also included, so users can opt for a horizontal or vertical orientation depending on the environment MILO 12 will be settling in.


MILO 12 is now available for purchase via SilverStone’s worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. In the table below you can find the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Model Number MSRP  (excludes tariff, taxes, or VAT)
SST-ML12B $189.99 (USD)
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