Introducing Anker GaNPrime™️ – Productivity. Primed


Explore Anker GanPrime 2022 new technology.

The World’s No.1 Gallium Nitride (GaN) Charger

A New and Innovative Application of GaN

Greatly Improve Your Charging Experience

  • 100W+ Chargers:
    The first time ever that a Hybrid Flyback (HFB) architecture has been used. HFB features 95% energy conversion efficiency to reduce energy loss by up to 21%. Designed with GaN technology in place of slower and less efficient silicon to reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%.
  • Under 100W Chargers:
    Built with an All GaN structure, Anker GaNPrime™️ chargers take full advantage of GaN to reduce energy loss by 7.2%, greatly improving circuit efficiency.



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