Cooler Master Unveils the GD ARGB Series Gaming Desks; Offers Next Level Gaming Experience from SGD 499.


SINGAPORE – Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of components and peripherals, today proudly unveils the Cooler Master GD ARGB series of gaming furniture. The lineup includes the Cooler Master GD120 ARGB and the Cooler Master GD160 ARGB gaming desk. Each gaming desk caters to every gamers’ different needs, from an all-you-need desk, to an aesthetic ARGB setup, and even height adjustment for improved ergonomics. The Cooler Master GD series of gaming desks is here to elevate any gamer’s setup.



Cooler Master GD160 ARGB is a smart workstation that is designed for both work and play. Never again let discomfort compromise your game and stand in the way of your victory. Equipped with a dual motor-powered leg setup, you’re given a wide range of up to 50cm to smoothly customize your ideal height at any time. There are also memory presets for quick setup changes for a healthy and balanced work ecosystem.

To satisfy every gamers’ inner aesthetic, the Cooler Master GD160 ARGB comes with 2 sides of the ARGB lighting stripes on the front and the back. This allows gamers to create their personal immersive lighting scheme and ambience, with a quick access button that offers multiple lighting modes. With the MasterPlus+ software, you are also given full control of your mood and activity with millions of lighting customizations.


The Cooler Master GD160 ARGB comes with a rear steel tray to hide your cables and adapters out of sight and keep your mess managed. It comes with an adjustable work surface height from 65-130 cm to promote better posture and joint health over prolonged sessions. Alternating between sitting and standing creates an optimal work/play balance and flexibility for different work setups.



Cooler Master GD120 ARGB is a versatile gaming desk that balances work and play. Made for users from all walks of life, the GD120 ARGB has just the right amount of space to better fit everything you need in your setup.


With the ARGB lighting stripes, it evaluates an ideal lighting atmosphere without being overwhelmingly bright. Working in tandem with the MasterPlus+ software, you’re also given full control of your mood and activity with millions of lighting customizations.


Just like its siblings in the lineup, the GD120 ARGB hides all the messy cables and adapters out from your sight, keeping them neatly managed in your clean and tidy workspace.


Ensuring you have the most ergonomic workspace, the GD120 ARGB’s work surface height is perfectly set to cater to an ergonomic neck-shoulders-elbows position. This further improves comfort and reduces built-up fatigue over long hours of sitting.



Full range of Cooler Master GD ARGB series gaming desks available now.

  • GD160 ARGB – SGD 999
  • GD120 ARGB – SGD 499
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