Cooler Master Announces the MasterBox Lite 3 and a Compact Case with Ample Space



  • Micro-ATX dimensions with creative layout for a wide range of builds
  • Straightforward design for straightforward use
  • MCW-L3S2-KW5N: Window panel version
  • MCW-L3S2-KN5N: Solid panel version

Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the MasterBox Lite 3. While Cooler Master makes a variety of modular cases with swappable components and upgrade flexibility, this Micro-ATX case is straightforward. If you want something small, quick to build, and laid out for you, it’s all right there.


“The project originated after we noticed a demand for smaller cases due to environmental factors such as smaller living spaces. Then we decided to share the convenience of this case with markets worldwide,” said Mark Severin, Product Marketing lead for cases. “The MasterBox Lite 3 has the advantage of being compact but still flexible for its size.”


Manageable Size

The MasterBox Lite 3 can easily go wherever you need your PC to be. About the size of a small carry-on suitcase, it’s light, compact, and space efficient. Put it on your desk, squeeze it against your bookshelf, or hide it away under your colleague’s work space.


Plenty of Space

As size shrinks, you have to get creative with space management. Following small apartment design, Cooler Master has put effort into structuring layouts to give multiple functions to a single area of the case. This creates room for a little monster build with full-sized graphics cards, liquid cooling, and up to four SSDs. Just pop in the parts and get to work.


Easy Maintenance

Technology improves, but certain principles remain. Dust is one of them. Dust is bad for your PC because it clogs components and traps heat. The MasterBox Lite 3 comes with a magnetic front dust cover that slips off without tools. If you want to clean your PC, just wash it and clip it back on.


The MasterBox Lite 3 is an up-front case that works for you. Build a simple work machine good for your everyday tasks or create a liquid cooled gaming rig with a Micro-ATX motherboard, a high-end graphics card and LED lighting. Cooler Master gives you the space to create.

Pricing & Availability

The release of MasterBox Lite 3 will commence immediately.

§  MasterBox Lite 3 (MCW-L3S2-KW5N – Window Panel Version): SGD 69

§  MasterBox Lite 3 (MCW-L3S2-KN5N – Solid Panel Version): SGD 65

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