Cooler Master Announces the ‘Mini Mod Invitational’



  • Challenging the world’s greatest to mod the world’s smallest


Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the Mini Mod Invitational. This global modding competition invites 15 modders from 12 different countries around the world to challenge themselves by modding possibly the world’s smallest PC case.


The Mini Mod is a miniature recreation of the MasterCase 5 by Cooler Master, the first of their new flagship line of PC cases. This model is made out of wood and cardboard, but can be assembled and taken apart like a 3D puzzle. Like the MasterCase 5, the Mini Mod has multiple forms in one. It can take the shape of any of the three MasterCase 5 types: Basic, Pro, and Maker. The model also includes additional parts not included with the MasterCase 5 such as the MasterWatt Maker 1200 power supply, the MasterAir Maker 8 CPU air cooler, a motherboard, and a hard drive cage with five HDDs. The Mini Mod also has the various removable panels, fans, and airflow openings that you would find on an actual MasterCase 5.


The Mini Mod was created as a simple and entertaining way to educate novices about PC building in a much more accessible and non-intimidating way. The idea was to recreate the PC building experience while removing the fear and risk of damaging expensive components when you’re first trying to learn how to build one. While obviously a simple wooden puzzle could never fully emulate the level of knowledge and attention to detail required to build an actual PC, Cooler Master believes that projects like this are an effective way to motivate potential makers of all ages to take an interest in building their own PC.


As a part of this awareness campaign, Cooler Master has decided to host an international modding competition by invitation. 15 modders from around the world including countries such as the Malaysia, USA, Japan, Brazil, and the UK have been invited to participate in a no holds barred modding contest. Modders are not only free, but encouraged to use whatever skills and ideas they have to create the most impressive Mini Mods possible. While this is meant to be a friendly and very casual event, it is still a competition and there is an actual trophy for the modder who wins first place.


Cooler Master has opted to make this a people’s choice competition. In one week’s time, the modders will submit their final designs and the public will be able to vote on Cooler Master’s modding website. The Mini Mod with the most votes will win the trophy and the pride. Users who vote will be entered into a raffle to win a free mouse from Cooler Master. Voting and the raffle prize is open to the public worldwide. Cooler Master will cover all shipping costs for raffle winners.

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