Xiaomi Wifi Extender 2 – Review

Xiaomi  has a new wireless range extender that’s not only one of the smallest you’ll find on the market, but is incredibly easy to set up and delivers better coverage. In fact, the Xiaomi Wifi Extender 2 was able to sustain the most throughput at long distance of any wireless range extender.

The Xiaomi Wifi Extender 2 is a Single-band device, operating at 2.4 GHz, with (1T 1R) antennas. It achieves N300-class speeds, with up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and able to connect up to 16 devices. It’s support Wifi roaming feature: A client detects a better wireless signal and the device will automatically switch over to better signal without disconnecting, then choose the best wireless network to roam on.

LED indicators on the device itself conveniently tells you the connect status of the connection to your existing Wi-Fi network.

It’s easy to extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network with the Wifi Extender 2, just plug it into a USB adapter (Require 1-Amp), configure from my Xiaomi mi5s to the Wifi Extender 2 using Mi Home app from the Google Playstore.

Testing & Benchmark 

How we test?

First, we make sure all our devices are installed with latest firmware update.
We tested with ISP: M1 fibre 1Gbps internet speed (Optical Network Terminal > ASUS RT-AC88U).

1st Test: Speedtest M1 server
2nd Test: Internal transfer 500Mb from Xiaomi Wifi extender 2 to ASUSTOR AS6204T

Below is the floor plan of the 3 room HDB flat.

The speedtest result can’t achieve max link speed of 144Mbps. However, benchmark shows 42.32Mbps download and 30.23Mbps upload speed is enough for streaming video and download file. We can’t complain too much with a SGD $6 dollars Wifi Extender.

On the 2nd test we did a internal file transfer from Macbook to NAS.


Xiaomi Wifi Extender 2 – Review
  • Award - 95


- Value for money SGD $6
- Easy to setup
- Small size
- Wifi roaming feature
- Excellent signal coverage
- Require USB adaptor or battery bank

- Can't achieve high speed
- Require Mi Home apps
- No reset option on the apps

I was impressed with Xiaomi Wifi Extender 2. I'm confident that this little device, which did an impressive job of extending my Wi-Fi network deployed in the kitchen and work extremely well for the average home user.


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