Cooler Master Sentinel III – Review


Cooler Master’s latest revision of Sentinel is third version has noted in the model Sentinel III. It is well known that Cooler Master has been in the gaming peripherals for quite some time.  Cooler Master Sentinel III has adjustable weight system, LED headlights and customisable OLED display.


Model Number SGM-6020-KLOW1
Grip Type Palm
Material Plastic / Rubber
Color Black
Sensor Avago 3988 Optical Sensor
CPI / DPI 4 Levels / Up to 6400 DPI setting
Tracking Speed 200IPS / 50g
Lift Off Distance Adjustable (<2.1mm)
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms
Angle Snapping Yes
Mouse acceleration 50 g
Programming Profiles 8
Connector Cable USB 2.0
Cable Length 1.8 Meters
Dimensions L x W x H 135 x 83.6 x 40 mm (5.3 x 3.3 x 1.6 inch)
Weight 177.5 g / 0.392 lbs
Weight (w/o weights) 155 g / 0.342 lbs
Weight (w/o cable) 115 g / 0.254 lbs
Additional Weights 5x 4.5 g / 5x 0.009 lbs
Warranty 2 years

The Sentinel III is equipped a 6400 DPI optical sensor which is powered by Avago 3988.  It comes with the 32-bit SONIX ARM Cortex-MO processor and 512KB of on-board memory for storing and playing back complicated macros. The Sentinel III also has high quality OMRON switches that are rated at 20 million clicks. OMRON switches is used in many gaming mice brands.

Closer look at the mouse

One of the best features of this mouse is the ergonomics shape of it. It fits perfectly into my right hand. I’m left handed but I am fine using both hands for normal mouse usage. I’m not sure if my hands are standard size but if you’re a lady most probably this mouse is too big for you. Sentinel III measures in at 135mm in length, 83.6mm in width, and 40mm in height.

Excluding the main left & right buttons, there’s 1 in front of the mouse wheel to change profile and 2 below the mouse wheel to adjust the DPI settings on the go. There are 2 thumb buttons which are situated just slightly higher than your thumb grip. I noticed there is no side scrolling on the mouse wheel which I occasionally use the function for my other mouse when dealing which old webpages which require side scrolling or really long worksheets.

The Sentinel III weighs at 115g, this does not include the weight of the 1.8m cable.

There is a choice of five 4.5g additional weights, which can increase the weight up to 137.5g. Just to add the USB head is gold plated and embosed with CM storm logo. My favourite part of the mouse is the center, which has the glossy hexagonal pattern and underneath the 16.8 million colours RGB LED. Not forgetting the OLED 32×32 pixel customized area. I added my initials MA onto the OLED display.


Let’s take a look at the software that came with this mouse.

From the main control page we can customised the 8 functional buttons of this mice. As you can see I left it as default.

The next tab is the Storm TX page, which allows you to quickly make a secondary function for each key. This uses the back button or as you can see on the mouse the TX label button as a “Storm Tactix”. You can press it together with another button to execute a different command.

The LED tab allows you to choose up to 16M choice of RGB colour to display to your heart’s content. For me I leave it at Spectrum settings. which just rotates the colours of the rainbow. My second choice would be breathing which glows the colours of your choice or which in this case (0,255,223) or Bright Turquoise for me.

At this Sensor tab you can truly customized the DPI level to your own profiles

One of the main tabs is the marco which is useful if you repeatedly have to do some clicking in your games or for a project.

The library tab is where you backup your profiles and macros to export to your local hard drive and share with your other gaming computers , maybe even your friends would like to know your macros.

Lastly the final tab is for support/update which I’m currently using the software version 1.00 and firmware version 1.18.

Not sure if my hand is good enough to be a model.


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