Asustor AS3102T – Review



The Asustor As3102T model is built on Intel Celeron processor with two processing cores that operate at a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz (burst up to 2.08~2.48 GHz) with 2 GB of DDR3L RAM (not expandable). The storage is designed for the installation of two 3.5″‘ hard drives, with maximum raw capacity of 20 TB when using two 10 TB drives.

The AS3102T is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 1.4b port, and a 70 mm system fan for cooling. It has dimensions of 165 x 102 x 218 mm and weighs 1.17kg.


Setting Up

Installation of the NAS is relatively simple. There are two thumbscrews at the back of the outer case, which can be easily removed to access the internal hard disk bay. It took less than 2 minutes to install the hard disks, and with the outer case back in place.


Asustor Control Center

The ADM web console interface is well-designed and easy to use. On the home screen, there are apps that allow you to access your files, set control access, monitor the activity and other functions.




Using the App Central, you can further expand the functionality by installing additional apps, such as data sync for Google Drive, Download Center for managing download and save files to your NAS, BitTorrent sync, and many more.


There is also an option for you to connect your external storage devices via the USB 3.0 port on the AS3102T.


Media Playback

One of the welcoming features is the media playback capability that can be accomplished directly from the NAS device itself. There are different media player applications that you can download via the App Central, such as KODI. The NAS comes with a HDMI port that allows you to connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable.

If you have music stored on the NAS, you are also able to make use of application such as SoundsGood to listen to them via Web Browser. Connect your speakers to the device through the HDMI, USB, or S/PDIF and you’ll have a local music player.


The AS3102T handles network storage very well with low power consumption. Overall, it is able to read, write, and transfer files very fast plus a wide variety of apps that allow you to configure the NAS to suit your needs.

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