ASUS Release Beta Firmware for AC/N Router – Build 380.2697


ASUS has released a range of the beta firmware to their RT-AC/N Router. It includes the RT-AC5300, RT-AC88U, RT-AC3200, RT-AC87U, RT-AC56U, RT-AC56S and RT-N66U.

The RT-AC68U will be adding new feature “Smart Connect” – Coming soon.

[Beta Firmware version]

Security Related
– Modified the access rights of account mode and share mode to asusware.platform path when lighttpd server is enabled. (Très Acton at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence)
– Modified the access rights to specific port of UPnP server. (Très Acton at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence)
– Updated lighttpd server version to 1.4.39 (Thanks to Tommi)
– Restriced access from wan method to enhance security. (Thanks for David)
– Changed SSH and Telnet default access interface.

– Updated WTFast core version to
– Allowed secondary GPN for WTFast advanced account.
– GPN server to router connection stability improvement.

New Features
*MU-MIMO only support for selected models.
– Opened MU-MIMO option (In beta stage and we continually improve MU-MIMO performance)
– Supported auto dynamic port changing of UPnP server when ports conflict.
– Supported more ASUS Router App new features
– Added Vodafone profile in IPTV

Bug fixed
– Fixed the GUI issue for reboot scheduler
– Fixed httpd/ Telnetd/ SSH restart issue after LAN address changed

Click model to download firmware.

RT-AC5300RT-AC88URT-AC3200RT-AC87U l RT-AC68U l RT-AC66U l RT-AC56URT-AC56S l RT-N66U

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